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I received an ARC for The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year by Annameekee Hesik and I requested it because I have never read an LGBT book before and the story seemed very interesting in that Abbey Brooks is finding herself and has also found out that she likes girls.

At first this revelation is very confusing for her and she doesn’t want to accept it however, with supporting people around her she accepts it quickly to herself at first and then tells it to her friends. High school is really hard and everyone feels like a weirdo at times but Abbey thinks everyone already knows her secret and who she crushing on  like it’s written on her forehead. It’s not of course and people can’t tell. It’s not like it’s acne or anything. It’s just who she is.

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I swear this series gets better and better with every book that I read. I was so happy to see that Cage York was the focus of While It Lasts by Abbi Glines since I thought he was quite awesome and deserved someone in Because of Low.  I can see a lot of girls swooning over this fictional character because he is your typical bad boy and girls like that, well, except for the whole womanizing thing. That’s not sexy.

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Breathe is by Abbi Glines and it isn’t a new book or anything and a lot of people have already read it. I hadn’t yet so I decided that it was about time so I began. The story is a romance of course which features Sadie White and Jax Stone with a sprinkling of other characters and Marcus Hardy plays a big part in it as he is Sadie’s friend and likes her a lot.

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Because of Low by Abbi Glines is the second book in the Sea Breeze series however, you don’t really even need to read the first book in the series because it could be read as a standalone book. I thought this book was a lot better than the first Sea Breeze book, Breathe. This one is about Marcus Hardy who in the previous book and he loved Sadie White. However, this time he has to come back to Sea Breeze because his family is having problems and need his help.

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I got an ARC for Uses for Boys by Erica Lorraine Scheidt from Netgalley and I was pretty excited to read it. When am I not excited to read a book, right? I even did a little pre-post for it to tell how excited I was.

So, I started reading it and you know what? I still don’t even know what the point of the book is. It was just really sad in that I felt really bad for Anna. Anna came from a totally broken home. Her mother wasn’t there for her and her father was non-existent in that she didn’t know him at all. Single mother isn’t a bad thing right? Well, it is when your Mom is too concerned with going out and finding the next “husband” than being a parent to their kid. Anna was left alone all the time and that along with the lack of parenting and attention from her mother just put her in a horrible place.

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